Have you ever thought of using your potential for a smarter  Brno?

An inter-university student competition is a unique opportunity for students, who want to try practicing while studying.

You can also join-in and work on a project in the team with the biggest brains among your peers, throughout the academic year.

Plus if you are good enough to be a champion, you can also look forward to a generous financial reward.

3 teams1 topic1 semestr3 universities150 000 CZK


MUNISS is a student competition where students from different fields and universities meet to work on studies focusing on the development of Brno, stretched over time of the spring term. The competition is open to all students from Masaryk University, University of Technology, Mendel University in Brno. Any study field is welcome. The main partner for the international student competition is the Brno City Municipality, which follow the evolving projects closely. If a study looks good enough to them, the city will give it a green stamp and maybe your project will be up and running.

At the beginning, there is "I’ll sign up" and at the end, there is you with plenty of experience and achievements you can be proud of. You’ll learn what it’s like to work with a team of smart people on a project that can really help. Then, if you remember to include it in your CV, employers will be fighting to employ you. Also, the best teams will be rewarded with a total prize of around 150,000 CZK.

Reference for the best
Professional consultations
Team achievements
Experienced lecturers

What topic will you work on?

Topic for Brno - technology park Brno as an urban laboratory

Can the city function as a laboratory for testing new ideas? How can technology and innovation affect the environment around us? Join the inter-university student competition and collaborate with experts from the Brno Technology Park and the Brno Municipality on proposals to improve the functioning of the campus of this city organization. The goal of close cooperation for a period of several months will be the proposal of specific innovative and smart solutions that can be realistically tested and, if successful, implemented.

Additional expert studies

During the semester, the city of Brno has the possibility to commission additional auxiliary studies that will address the current needs and problems of the city.

Competition schedule

Recruitment of applicants
setup of the teams
8 - 9. 12.
Opening of the competition
start of year
workshops on topics
Finishing of teamwork
Evaluation of teamwork and announcement of results
Finalisation of the best studies

Don’t hesitate and take your chance!

If you've just discovered that the student's competition may be of benefit to you then mark October 2022 in your personal organiser, as that’s the last day you can sign up for the competition. The best thing you can do is to sign up immediately. Every good team needs a strong leader. If you feel like an inspiring leader of competition teams, you will get chance to apply for this position after you get access to Muniss website.

After joining one of the teams, the introductory part of the competition begins, in which you have the chance to gather as much knowledge as possible on your topic. Then with your team, you’ll have the spring term to develop the study that will solve the given issue. In May, the competition will end and the expert committee will determine the winner. Good luck in changing Brno future!

More information on the competition can be found here >>

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